About Me

My name is Kavana Ramaswamy (they/she) and I am a PhD Student in Law at the University of Cambridge. My project is on Models of Disability and Equality in Law. Specifically, I look into the codification of different models of disability in law, what models of equality they reflect and the impact of these models on justice for disabled people. I am disabled; my research is informed by my experience of disablement and my understanding of disability under the Social Model following the Feminist Method.

In addition to Disability and Legal Theory, I am also interested in research on Human Rights, Queer Theory and International Law. Visit the Research tab for more information on my work.

This website contains blog posts as and when I write them. I usually write about things related to disability, legal theory, justice and associated topics. It is also still a work in progress. I also microblog at Mastodon.