Current Projects

PhD Thesis: Models of Disability and Equality under the Law. I'm looking at different models used to define disability in law and the impact of using different models on enforcing disability rights. This is also affected by models of equality and theories of justice, to the extent that they consider disablement a subject of justice.

Published work

Addressing Ableism: Lessons from the Problem of Female Feticide in India 27 Transnat'l L. & Contemp. Probs. 1 (2018)

The Right to Education: An Analysis through the Lens of the Deontological Method of Immanuel Kant 2018, Journal of Human Rights 16 Nw. J. Hum. Rts. 47 (2018)

The President of India and The Governance of Higher Education Institutions (Universal Law Publishing, 2015)

Family Law [notes] 3 Cambridge J. Int'l & Comp. L 214 (2014)


Workshop on Universal Vulnerability and the Politics of Public Health: Inclusivity and State Responsibility: Applying Vulnerability Theory and the Social Model of Disability to Obligations of the State

Australian Society of Legal Philosophy Conference (Melbourne Law School), 2016: Categorical Imperatives and Welfare Rights: An Analysis of the Right to Education through the Deontological Methods of Immanuel Kant

Queer Asia Conference (SOAS), 2016: Heteronormativity and Family: The Move from Status to Contract in Matrimonial Laws in India

Academic Council on the United Nations System 2016 Workshop: ‘Supporting States’ Implementation of International Law’, 2016: Implementation of the International Human Right to Education: Public-Private Co-operation for Free and Compulsory Education for All